Styling and Production  Photographer -  Flora Hanitijo   Director -  Kalim Armstrong   Model - I ndia Menuez   Location -  Manitoga    All clothing -   Nike x Gyakusou Undercover        
 Client -  Nike   Photographer -  Flora Hanitijo
 Styling  Client -  Nike    Photographer -  Jason Nocito   Videographer -  Kalim Armstrong   Agency -  Golden Arm    
 Styling  Client -  Qardio   Director -  Kalim Armstrong   Agency - Heist  Objective was to show how technology has changed over the years through playful costume design and a humorous script.
 Design  Director -  Alia Raza   Model -  Tavi Gevinson   I collaborated with Alia and the costume designer to create a custom dress for Tavi.
 Creative Direction  Writer / Director -  Alia Raza   Performer - Julia Restoin-Roitfeld  Executive Producer - Derek Blasberg  Editor - Natalie Mooallem  Original Music - Jorge Elbrecht and Caroline Polacheck  Story Editor - Tavi Gevinson  I provided the creative direction and made a custom dress for Julia to wear in the first several scenes.